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Awards & Scholarships

Virginia Key Grassroots Festival 2016 instrument competition - First Place (guitar, vocals)

June Music & Dance Week 2016 - Elyce Fishman Scholarship by Wheatland Music Organization

Earful of Fiddle 2015 - Elyce Fishman Scholarship by Wheatland Music Organization


"Look out, Mark O'Connor, Meet Nik Carman, Bluegrass music's newest prodigal son. This kid switches instruments like picking flowers, and sings like he was born to the hill music."
-The Accidentals, January 6, 2015

“The kid has something. He can really learn by ear. He’s just got it.”
- William Apostle (aka Billy Strings), Traverse City Record-Eagle, January 23, 2015

“I love it that an opening artist gets a standing ovation! Nik Carman was so confident and sang with soul.... You can see that William Apostol is a huge influence on him - present even though not there. Bravo all.”
- Sam Porter, Interlochen Public Radio, February 16, 2015 (referring to "An Evening In Africa" concert in TC)

“Another huge highlight of our weekend at Blissfest Music Organization was Collin getting the opportunity to play a set with nine-year-old Nik Carman. This kid is unreal: Multi, multi, instrumentalist, incredible vocalist and all around amazing human. The next Chris Thile, without a doubt."
-The Way Down Wanderers, Facebook, July 12, 2015